Our story

LandCheck’s founder Marketa grew pretty desperate after a few months of real estate market exploration during her hunt for a perfect land. She saw a lot of risks in all the plots but only few people who she could turn to for advice and noone with complex understanding. The sellers and their real estate agents just want to sell their plot and do not hesitate to manipulate or withhold information. Lawyers provide usually general legal advice (or they specialize in consultancy to development projects). Architects and engineers usually see only one part of the problem. 

The despair started receding and then it struck – Marketa realized she gained enough knowledge she felt confident performing the due diligence on her own (and occasionally consulting competent authorities or experts). The idea to start Landcheck came soon after and so we can happily welcome you here!

Our mission

Clients avoid buying the wrong land – “I don’t have enough money to buy wrong land.’ That is not an overstatement. Putting life savings or their share into a plot where you build nothing is extremely costly. Such a plot is very diffucult to sell, you waste time and may miss other good investing opportunities (including right land). We want our clients to have what is best for them.

Clients buy the right land – the search can take plenty of time and energy. Energy that is needed also for building the house (because that is equally challenging as choosing the land). We want spare our clients their time, money and also failed hopes (because finding out you cannot build anything on that georgeous spot hurts). Our services thefore include continous search for land based on their criteria until we suceed to find the land that is right for them.

Educate clients – we believe that making informed decisions in the complicated area of real estate can help establish balance on the market. Besides, people tend fall in love with a place where they imagine living, therefore they may not always cautious and opportunist sellers can take advantage. Educated clients do not buy pig in a poke and make it difficult for foul practices to succeed.

Our team

Head and heart of Landcheck – Marketa

I am a lawyer by education and a consultant by profession (fraud examiner). My professional consulting experience includes forensics (investigation of financial crime), regulation of financial institutions and personal data protection. I am a lawyer by education and a former consultant by profession. I worked for law firms and consulting companies focusing on preventing and investigating financial crime and also financial regulation. Then I decided to beat my own path.

Couple of years ago, I spent nearly a year searching for my dream land where we could build a house without my hair going gray. Thanks to my education and prior experience, I had already in the beginning a solid knowledge base to detect many potential issues with the land plots, which could block or obstruct building a house. However, I learned during my search that even a seemingly flawless plot might have hidden, innocently looking problems that are very severe in the end. All the happier I was when I found a land between Prague and Benesov that even after a deep-level due diligence passed our must-have and nice-to-have requirements.

I started LandCheck.cz couple of months later. My mission with LandCheck.cz is to help future home owners find the right land fitting their needs and avoid doubtful or even deceitful practices of the real estate market participants.