Free guide

Our free guide contains six essential topics that help you find the right land for your house (in the Czech republic).

The first five topics introduce the requirements for such a land in five areas of interest. These sections follow the structure of our example reports that you can consult for practical examples. Lastly we provide tips regarding on how to be effective when searching for housing land.

Spatial planning

Possible land use and other restrictions set out in spacial plan.

Infrastructure and utilities

Existence of essential utilities and infrastructure, other utilities and infrastructure.


How to identify potential red flags and identify issues that impact quality of the location.

Land owner and easements

Where to find information about the owner, potential legal issues and easements or rights to the land. How to check the owner.

Other factors

Value for money. Quality of life. Other selected circumstances to be considered prior to purchase.

How to find land

How to approach the process of searching for the right land? How to conduct online and physical onsite checks?