Pomůžeme vám najít pozemek pro váš vysněný domov

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Pomůžeme vám najít pozemek pro váš vysněný domov

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Building a house is a long journey.

Get off on the right foot by choosing the right land.

Let us make the process of choosing your land easier. We know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. We will help you to learn how identify them yourself or we will detect them for you. We have solutions for every approach – if you want to all the hard work yourself or if you just want to sit back, relax, enjoy your shopping hunt and let us do the dirty work.

Due diligence

You have a land in mind and do not want to buy pig in a poke? We offer several levels of due diligence from basic checks up to consulation with authorities, land visit or support during negotiation with sellers.

We find you a land

You want to buy a land but do not have enough time to go through the adverts or even contact land owners in your selected locations? We will search and contact the land owners for you based on your criteria.

Free guide

You have a land in mind and want to check the land yourself? See our free guide for lots of handy tips, land must-have and nice-to-have and many more things that will make your checking easier. You can consult us whenever you need to.

Why should I even bother checking the land?

  • You can end up investing all your savings into a land where you cannot build anything. Not even a shed.
  • You might not be able to build your dream house on the land you purchased.
  • You have to invest significant amount of money and time to be able to build your house.
  • Most land purchase contracts contain clause that the buyer is aware of all land features including its defects. Sellers are usually not willing to remove this clause nor include a stipulation that the plot is buildable.
"Every other advertised land plot is a disaster."
Vigilant buyer on land hunt.
"Nobody inquiries before buying. Then they come and cry that they cannot build."
Spatial planning officer.
"I've never really knew they planned this bypass here since 80's."
Upset home owner pointing at the road behind his garden.
"I wanted a big house but we bought a 400 m2 plot with buildable area share of 25%, pavement included."
Disappointed future land plot seller.
"I am too busy to buy anything - before I have a chance to look into a nice land, the advert is gone."
Aspiring land buyer who still lives in a rented flat.

Check our blog to find examples when it went wrong.

No infrastructure

The land plot is not connected to any of the critical infrastructure and it is not possible to connect the land plot due to insufficient capacity or distance.

Electric lines everywhere

There are electric lines guided above the land. The electric lines' protection zone is so wide or situated that it is impossible to build a house on the land.

Building the infrastructure yourself

Tha land plot needs to be connected to critical infrastructure. The connection might be costly due to distance, terrain or for another reason.